Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon — PC Engine CD-ROM — Banpresto (1994)


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon — PC Engine CD-ROM — Banpresto (1994)

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“It’s OK not to be a genius, whatever that is, if there even is such a thing…the creative life may or may not be the apex of human civilization, but either way it’s not what I thought it was. It doesn’t make you special and sparkly. You don’t have to walk alone. You can work in an office — I’ve worked in offices for the past 15 years and written five novels while doing it. The creative life is forgiving: You can betray it all you want, again and again, and no matter how many times you do, it will always take you back.”

Lev Grossman manages to smash “you don’t have to be a genius” and “keep your day job” into his great essay, "How Not to Write a Novel" (his book, The Magician’s Land, is out this week)

"The creative life is forgiving: You can betray it all you want, again and again, and no matter how many times you do, it will always take you back." <- Things I should get fucking tattooed on my body because I need to remember this!!!

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I feel like velocipedestrienne will appreciate this

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NO artificial flavors

NO preservatives

NO artificial colors

JUST bees

ONLY bees

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to my beautiful son, i leave this picture of a sweet dragon i found on google images when i typed in cool dragons

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i think i’m happiest when i live a simple life.

and i’m always torn between this and the tension to do A Great Thing, because there is such a need for Great Things in the world, but also, ambition can poison both you and your dreams if not kept healthy and in check, so i shy away from it. but then i feel like i have some responsibility to do Good Things as a participant of life on this planet. and i want to do that. but i want to live a simple life. and i don’t quite feel like i know where the balance point is yet. or what i’ve really ~done~ with my life thus far that’s mattered on any significant scale, or where i’m ~going.~

i know people always say if you don’t Set Goals your life will be A Directionless Failure, but i always feel torn between A) not having anything that i want for myself. that badly, and B) realizing that the things that i do want are so impossibly large that i don’t have the unpoisoned ambition to do them, and i can’t seem muster up the faith to still hope for them, on my own.

i think no matter i will probably always live life on a small scale (i mean, look at me), and that’s okay, i don’t need to be important, but i still want to believe that a small life can be lived well and lived rightly, and that that matters somehow, creates some valuable good, and that life isn’t just a game of scale. but i think even acting on that belief is an act of faith. at the same time, i don’t want to shy away from large goals out of cowardice, but i just don’t know how anything of importance fits into my small life.

it’s funny to me, right, i was going through all of these old facebook profile photos and i look fine. i would even say in a few of them, i look good. i look polished and ‘pretty,’ after a fashion, but particularly, i look polished. and i look half that polished now. i’ve never been into super-high-maintenance hair/nails/anything, but i looked good in some of these, still.

and i just remember how HORRIBLE i thought i looked, and how paranoid i was that it really mattered and that i wasn’t measuring up to something and that it was SO IMPORTANT that i was pretty enough. i was so, SO insecure about this, at the time! it’s so funny to me now. i look back and think, “i have no memory of looking that good? or at least that okay? in my own mind i was an embarrassing monster that year….”

the times they change! thank god.

i gave the first actual voice lesson of my life tonight, and teaching is hard.

the girl i’m teaching is very cool, very perceptive and self-possessed and gentle. she’s doing some very cool things with her life, which just underscores my general i love oakland!!!!!! the people you meet here and the projects they work on, it’s just unbelievable. the whole east bay. (i say oakland because in many ways i think that’s the pulse of the east bay, but everywhere this side of the bay intermingles a lot.)

i didn’t realize how much i had to teach until we started working, actually, and then i realized how much i took for granted that i have to hand down. i’m absolutely not an expert, but it really made me think, all those hours spent learning in someone else’s studio were so valuable, actually, because it gave me a pattern for how to show someone new the ropes. if you are going to learn any art or any craft, 85% of it, i think, is your being attune to sensations and patterns in the world around you, just listening, no matter whether someone is teaching you, but sometimes that extra 15% or so of outside input and outside momentum really matters - even if they’re not experts, yet, either.

it’s hard!!! but i’m also so glad, now, that i’ve arranged my room so that the feeling of “studio” is central. it’s a very, very good workspace, and i’m very happy. before we started singing we also made a light dinner of pasta and ate it out on my balcony and talked and i thought, “i’m so glad i have such a wonderful apartment and such a wonderful balcony to share.” like, this is why i have this apartment right now. also, i’m a huge believer in the process of having dinner with people and sharing meals and so forth. i think it’s really important to break bread with people, as it were. sharing food with people is important, generally.

so. i have some ideas now about how to proceed with her, what kinds of music to work on, what she really needs to put work into to become a more developed singer and musician and artist. which is super exciting!!!!! i think she will have a LOVELY voice as she develops and i’m very excited to hear it come out clearly and naturally and comfortably, eventually!! wow!! i’m so excited actually!!! i think i should probably do more of this!!! i don’t really know how to find more students and i also think there’s no rush (i have like 10 other pet projects i’m working on in addition to a full-time job and a freelance gig and oh also lol i signed up for a marathon in december??? lol i hope i don’t fuck myself up training for it oh dear. ps sometimes i cook and sometimes i even do my laundry and SOMETIMES i shower)



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Boy band’s bringing show, show’s bringing business

Two concerts at Ko Olina are generating…

can i just say, you know what i’m REALLY excited about? the idea that this show is going to be (according to this article) about half and half Japanese and North American (etc?). I’m really excited for these different pieces of fandom to experience this concert together. has that ever happened before??? it seems like even a lot of the Asia tours in the past were mostly people from the country they visited. but this is like…. two different pieces of the fandom world coming together and experiencing this concert together for the first time. it’s not going to be a Japan-only concert, the non-Japanese fans won’t be a huge minority, but at the same time i bet it’s going to be more familiar and less foreign than maybe some other concerts (asia tours, etc.). that is a REALLY interesting dynamic and what i would REALLY love is to be a fly on the wall watching the fans interact. i’d be really curious to see how Japanese fans react to so many foreign fans - not just a few here and there. i really hope it’s awesome. i hope people find common ground, i hope it’s a massive sparkle-filled festival of cross-cultural communication and people stumbling through on the few pieces of language that they know and then a lot of laughing and gesturing when that fails, and a lot of shared understanding when you see someone holding the same uchiwa, etc. i know i’m being like…. a total romantic about this….. but i just hope that it’s just wonderful. i’m so excited.

havin’ a lot of nostalgic feelings today, in ways that are completely updated and relevant to the present.

i found an album that i bought over 10 years ago that was my first purchase of Japanese music. i BEGGED my mother to order it for me, and once i got it i INTERNALIZED that thing. i remember listening to the SAME SONG and nothing but that song for days, and then when i got tired i’d move on to the next song, all throughout the album. i remember when we drove to indiana to visit my brother - an 8-hour-drive at least - and that CD never left my walkman. i remember poring over the lyrics book and looking up kanji by radical and stroke count (too bad the case for the cd is lost to the sands of time now, the liner photos were pretty cool). i have never internalized an album the way i internalized this one.

and ten-plus years later i come back to it and it’s….. still very good. in fact, i listen to it and think, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this probably has a lot to do with why i like some other things i like. it’s just timeless pop-rock. it’s just very well-written. i learned a bit about the group’s main songwriter over the years and i really like what he has to say. i like the arrangements. i think the lyrics are very interesting - and in the years that followed i listened to a LOT of j-pop, including some very mainstream stuff - and so i think the lyrics are MORE interesting today, though i was certainly fascinated ten years ago. the vocalist has a voice that is a bit nasal to my standards (as is very common), BUT she has an unusual amount of expressiveness and control. this was fairly early on in her career and so there are still some unpolished bits in my opinion but even those only underscore her likability and personality (to me).

it is one of those just-slipped-into-a-warm-bath feelings. it’s probably been at least a few years since i last listened to this album and it is so instantly familiar and grounding. it still has the same effect. i’ve probably listened to it three times through by now today. it kind of just grips me and pulls me back in and down to earth and propels me onwards. i think there is a very interesting energy to this album. momentum. it is always moving forward and asking questions, and it just pulls you along. 

tomorrow perhaps i will zip it and upload to mediafire and leave it here? it’s just so good, nobody would hurt for having it in their collection.