"what is this amazing voice and cool beat"

"janelle monae, of course it is"

 poetorfool said: IT’S BEAUTIFUL

im going to open a waffle bar in my very own home

i will become the waffle bar i always wished to see

I just published a REALLY LONG THING and I am trying to make the text cut publish from my phone but I’m not sure it’s working!!

Sorry if it obliterates your dash m(_ _)m

Edit: I sort of fixed it ( though of course if you’re on mobile it will still wreck your dash )

midday therapeutic break-down and wiping tears from my eyes in the bathroom - while thinking, good, because this is stress chemicals, and crying has been shown to relieve stress chemicals, because science. and then i self-medicated with chocolate, because it dilates your veins so you get more oxygen or something and cocoa flavanols help you think more clearly. also because i like how it tastes, but i also look at it as medicine by now because i’m well aware of how it tastes - i’ve eaten a lot of chocolate in my life.

thank goodness there is a little grotto with a corner store and a paper store and a few coffee shops, in walking distance.